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Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering

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Page last updated: 26/05/2008
Governing bodies
Administrative Unit: University of Trento, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
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The Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering was established at the University of Trento in the academic year 1999-2000 (XV cycle).
Since then, the School has organized a three-year doctoral course for an annual number of no fewer than six students, of which at least three receive a study grant. Each year, one or more announcements are published to advertise the public selection of candidates. The announcements specify the number of openings and study grants offered.
The School seeks to enrol the most qualified students regardless of sex, age, nationality, religion, race or social status.
The official languages of the School are English and Italian. English will be normally used during classroom time, in the intermediate reports of doctoral students, in the final thesis and in its presentation to the Examination Committee, unless other arrangements are made pursuant to agreements with foreign universities or research bodies. Italian is usually used for administrative purposes.
The subjects covered by the programme belong to the following scientific areas:

Hydraulics: Morphodynamics and Ecology of Natural Environments
Water and Environmental Resources Management
Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology
GIS and Remote Sensing Applications
Renewable Energy Resources
Sanitary Engineering
Atmospheric Physics
Applied Mathematics
Building Engineering and Architecture
Land and Environmental Planning

Starting with the a.y. 2004/05 the School offers two main curricula:
1. Environmental Engineering:
a. Environmental Fluid Mechanics;
b. Land Protection;
c. Environmental Resources Management and Hydrology;
d. Computational Models for Environmental Engineering.
2. Urban and Territorial Engineering and Architecture:
a. Building Engineering;
b. Architecure for the City and the Territory;
c. Spatial Planning for Sustainable Development.

Aims of the programme

During the three-year course each student must achieve a total amount of 180 credits

Doctoral students will be supplied with a working location together with all the computer facilities needed and they will have at their disposal the laboratories and general facilities of DICA.

Provisional schedule 2007

Download the brochure of the Doctoral School

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University Doctoral Schools Regulations : Italian and English
Regulations of the Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering: Italian and English
Dm 224 external link
General administrative forms
School forms: Medaglione Simbolo: .doc(44KB) ; Research proposal Simbolo: .doc(32KB)
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Head of the School: Prof. Marco Tubino

Doctoral School Committee:
Head of the School: Marco Tubino
Full Professors: Aronne Armanini, Alberto Bellin, Paolo Baggio, Paolo Bertola, Corrado Diamantini, Antonio Frattari
Associate Professors: Gianni Andreottola, Luigi Fraccarollo, Claudio Lamanna, Marco Ragazzi, Riccardo Rigon, Dino Zardi
Assistant Professors: Luca Fiori, Michele Larcher, Maurizio Righetti, Marco Toffolon, Paolo Zatelli, Guido Zolezzi
Student Representative: Nicola Recchia, Corrado Pellachini (1 Jan.-31 Dec. 2007)
Next meeting: second week of September 2007.

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Central Office of Doctoral Studies
Information (Secretariat of the Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering)
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