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Monographs of the School of Doctoral Studies in Environmental Engineering
Page last updated: 29/04/2008


This series publishes books based on the research activity carried out at DICA, mainly within the Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering.
The full text of the monographs is freely downloadable.
These books are protected by the Italian law on copyright.

Full text
1 Massimiliano de Franceschi Investigation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamics in Alpine Valleys 2004 Simbolo: .doc(30KB) Simbolo: .pdf(11KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(14018KB)
Michele Larcher Vertical Structure of High-Concentration Liquid-Granular Flows
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(6651KB)
3 Bruno Majone Inverse Modeling in Subsurface Hydrology 2004 Simbolo: .doc(29KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(3257KB)
4 Giacomo Bertoldi The water and energy balance at basin scale: a distibuted modeling approach 2004 Simbolo: .pdf(58KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(7722KB)
5 Gianluca Antonacci Air pollution modelling over complex topography 2005 Simbolo: .pdf(24KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(10680KB)
6 Walter Bertoldi River Bifurcations 2005 Simbolo: .doc(28KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(8132KB)
7 Gianluca Vignoli Modelling the morphodynamics of tidal channels 2005 Simbolo: .doc(27KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(2752KB)
8 Alessio Bertò Lagrangian trajectory analysis for the identification of moist airflows producing intense precipitation events over the Alps 2005 Simbolo: .pdf(721KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(13842KB)
9 Stefano Serafin Boundary Layer Processes and Thermally Driven Flows over Complex Terrain 2006 Simbolo: .pdf(13KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(6987KB)
10 Cristobal E. Castro High Order ADER FV/DG Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations 2007 Simbolo: .pdf(58KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(4221KB)
11 Elisa Ferrarese Electrochemical Oxidation of Soils Contaminated with Organic Pollutants 2008 Simbolo: .pdf(46KB)
Full text Simbolo: .pdf(7553KB)