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Theses abstracts

Page last updated: 26/05/2008

XIX cycle - 2006 (Theses defended on February 23, 2007) - Examination Committee

Marco Baratieri, Biomass thermochemical conversion: process analysis and energy performances Simbolo: .pdf(14KB)
Oscar Cainelli, Subsurface Flow Modelling at the Hillslope Sclae: Numerical and Physical Analysis Simbolo: .pdf(69KB)
Cristobal Castro, High Order ADER FV/DG Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations Simbolo: .pdf(58KB)
Stefano Endrizzi, Snow cover modelling at a local and distributed scale over complex terrain Simbolo: .pdf(57KB)
Silvia Simoni, A Comprehensive Approach to Landslide Triggering Simbolo: .pdf(56KB)
Diana Cocarta, Public health impact from waste-to-energy plants Simbolo: .pdf(184KB) (defended in Bucharest on April 2, 2007)
XVII and XVIII cycle - 2005 (Theses defended on February 20 and 22, 2006) - Examination Committees
Marco Bezzi, Integrated analysis of natural hazards in mountain areas Simbolo: .pdf(50KB)
Claudio Dalrì, Shear induced phenomena in concentrated flowing suspensions Simbolo: .pdf(54KB)
Reza Entezarolmahdi, Parameter estimation for hydrologic models Simbolo: .pdf(44KB)
Martina Ferrai, Experimental assessment and modelling of substrates removal in MBBR Simbolo: .pdf(51KB)
Paolo Grisenti, Integrated research on eutrophication processes of small lakes Simbolo: .pdf(54KB)
Elena Cristina Rada, Municipal solid waste bio-drying before energy generation Simbolo: .pdf(76KB) (defended in Bucharest on Dec. 23, 2006)
Stefano Serafin, Boundary layer processes and thermally driven flows over complex terrain Simbolo: .pdf(13KB)
Nomathamasanqa Nonjabulo Sibisi, Development of an anaerobic strategy for the OFMSW treatment and its co-digestion with sewage sludge Simbolo: .pdf(85KB)
Ilaria Todeschini, Long-term morphological response of tide-dominated estuaries Simbolo: .pdf(53KB)
XVII cycle - 2004 (Theses defended on February 18, 2005) - Examination Committee
Alessio Bertò, Lagrangian trajectory analysis for the characterization of moist airflows producing intense precipitation events over the Alps Simbolo: .pdf(721KB)
Stefano De Toni, A two-dimensional physical, mathematical and numerical model for the dynamics of granular avalanches Simbolo: .pdf(20KB)
Maurizio Lutterotti, Stability of artificial armouring in steep streams Simbolo: .pdf(27KB)
Vu Van Manh, Determination of specific kinetic parameters of activated sludge process for the treatment of tannery wastewater Simbolo: .doc(27KB)
XVI cycle - 2004 (Theses defended on July 2, 2004) - Examination Committee
Gianluca Antonacci, Air pollution modelling over complex topography Simbolo: .pdf(24KB)
Giacomo Bertoldi, The water and energy balance at basin scale: a distributed modeling approach Simbolo: .pdf(58KB)
Walter Bertoldi, River bifurcations Simbolo: .doc(28KB)
Bruno Majone, Inverse modeling in subsurface hydrology Simbolo: .doc(29KB)
XV cycle - 2004 (Theses defended on Feb. 23, 2004) - Examination Committee
Gabriele Rampanelli, Diurnal thermally-induced flows in Alpine valleys Simbolo: .pdf(8890KB)
Giuliano Rizzi, Hydrothermodynamics of a small Alpine lake Simbolo: .doc(25KB)
Gianluca Vignoli, Modelling the morphodynamics of tidal channels Simbolo: .doc(27KB)
XV cycle - 2003 (Theses defended on Feb. 21, 2003) - Examination Committee
Roberto Cossu, Advanced Methodologies for the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote-Sensing Images Simbolo: .doc(21KB) Simbolo: .pdf(6KB)
Loris Dallago, Application of Respirometric Techniques to the Biological Stabilization Process of Organic Waste Simbolo: .doc(23KB) Simbolo: .pdf(7KB)
Massimiliano de Franceschi, Investigation of Atmospheric Boundary layer Dynamics in Alpine Valleys Simbolo: .doc(30KB) Simbolo: .pdf(11KB)
Giuseppe Guglielmi, Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Simbolo: .doc(21KB) Simbolo: .pdf(56KB)