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Applied Mathematics
Photo: Applied Mathematics
Page last updated: 26/05/2008
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Vincenzo Casulli, Full professor
Eleuterio Toro, Full professor
Michael Dumbser, Research fellow
Angela Ferrari, Doctoral student

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4 PC + 4 workstation + FORTRAN90 compiler.
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The main research topics fall within the areas of:
mathematical modelling and numerical methods
simulation of engineering problems and scientific phenomena
The activities of the group are strongly interdisciplinary and as such its membership maintain active collaborations across various departments in several Universities, Research Laboratories, Weather Forecasting Services and Industrial Organizations across many Countries.
The group will work towards establishing local research collaboration within the University of Trento with the objective to:
enlarge the group with younger tenure researchers and post-doctoral research fellows
· offer an interdisciplinary PhD program on Computational Modelling in Applied Mathematics, Science and Engineering.
Then it should apply to become a national centre of excellence. Already existing collaboration with various European research institutions (Max Plank Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg and Deutscher Wetterdienst) in the area of numerical modelling for climate and weather forecasting will also be further developed.
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Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge (UK) - prof. P. LeFloch (France), prof. K. Dafermos (USA), prof. R.J. LeVeque (USA), prof. C.W. Shu (USA): Hyperbolic waves and astrophysics.
Computational methods for three-dimensional multiphase flows in the nuclear industry. EU VFP, project with 9 European partners.
Max Planck Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg (Germany).
COSMO Consortium
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