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Page last updated: 26/05/2008
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Aronne Armanini, Full professor
Marco Tubino, Full professor
Luigi Fraccarollo, Associate professor
Filippo Trivellato, Associate professor
Michele Larcher, Assistant professor
Giorgio Rosatti, Assistant professor
Paolo Scotton, Assistant professor
Marco Toffolon, Assistant professor
Guido Zolezzi, Assistant professor
Walter Bertoldi, Research fellow
Stefano De Toni, Research fellow
Reza Entezarolmahdi, Research fellow
Ilaria Todeschini, Research fellow
Matteo Dall'Amico, Doctoral student
Angela Ferrari, Doctoral student
Rossella Luchi, Doctoral student
Stefano Miori, Doctoral student
Nicola Recchia, Doctoral student
Luca Zanoni, Doctoral student
Andrea Bampi, Lab. Technician
Lorenzo Forti, Lab. Technician
Fabio Sartori, Graduate Technician
Paolo Scarfiello, Lab. Technician

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Educational Laboratory: experimental flume 12 metres long fully automatized endowed with exercise tools.
Research Laboratory:
Experimental flume, 8 metres long, slope varying in high range, for mud-flows rheology.
Experimental flume, 10 metres long, slope varying in a high range, dedicated to debris-flow rheology.
Experimental flume, 12 metres long, to test the effect of vegetation in natural river.
Facilities to reproduce real debris-flow events at reduced scale.
Large scale installation devoted to phenomena in gravel bed rivers.
Experimental flume, 25 metres long and 3 metres wide, to study morphological dynamics of braiding (under construction).
All the flumes are equipped with fine measuring techniques (among them: high frequency and high accuracy video camera, a Doppler Ultrasonic anemometer, LDA's).
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River hydraulics and morphodynamics
Dynamics of non-uniform sediments
Hydrology and morphology of tidal systems
Environmental hydraulics
Lake hydrodynamics
Pollutant dispersion in natural water bodies
Mixing induced by heat gradients in natural water reservoirs
Fluid mechanics
Free-surface vortex
Air bubbles in water
Debris and mud flow dynamics and control
Sediment-laden free-surface flows under uniform conditions over a mobile bed
Rheology of hyper-concentrated flows such as mud- and debris-flows
Debris flow modelling
Protection works against hazards in mountain torrents
Dynamics and forecast of snow avalanches
Project participation go to indexgo upgo down
2001 "Tidal Inlets Dynamics and Environment (TIDE)" VFP, coordinator: prof. M. Marani, University of Padua; scientific responsible of the research unit: prof. A. Armanini (CUDAM) (the hch group collaborates to this project).
€ 98.568
2001 "Investigation of Extreme Flood Processes and Uncertainty (IMPACT)" VFP, coordinator: prof. M. Morris, HR Wallingford Ltd; scientific responsible of the research unit: prof. A. Armanini (CUDAM).
€ 67.470

2001 "Analisi sperimentale delle caratteristiche reologiche delle colate di fango e detritiche (a) e analisi geomorfologiche quantitative dei versanti e dei bacini idrografici (b)" scientific responsible of the research unit and of subject (a): prof. A. Armanini; responsible of subject (b): Dr. R. Rigon
Lit. 60 ML
2002 "Analisi matematica e numerica per i moti a superficie libera non stazionari su fondali in materiale sciolto", national coordinator: prof. L. Fraccarollo; scientific responsible of the research group: Eng. G. Rosatti.
Lit. 80 ML
International cooperation go to indexgo upgo down
University of Innsbruck (Austria) - prof. Scheverlein
Department of Civil Engineering, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) - prof. Yves Zech
Dept of Geography, University of Western Ontario (Canada) - prof. Peter Ashmore - Field survey on Sunwapta River (joint organization of post graduate courses, measure workfield, etc)
FU Berlin (Germany) - prof. Ergenzinger
Civil Engineering Research Institute, Hokkaido Development Bureau, Sapporo (Japan) - Mr Yasuharu Watanabe
TU Delft (NL) - Prof. Huib de Vriend - Project: Delft Cluster : Theme 3, Coast and River Project, no. 03.01.06
Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University (Taiwan) - prof. Hervé Capart
HR Wallingford (UK) - prof. Morris
St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Minnesota (USA) - prof. Chris Paola
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