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Sanitary Engineering
Photo: Sanitary Engineering
Page last updated: 26/05/2008
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Giuliano Ziglio, Full professor
Gianni Andreottola, Associate professor
Marco Ragazzi, Associate professor
Paola Foladori, Reserch fellow
Giuseppe Guglielmi, Research fellow
Elena Cristina Rada, Research fellow
Diana Mariana Cocarta, Doctoral student
Elisa Ferrarese, Doctoral student
Laura Lazar, Doctoral student
Devendra Prakash Saroj, Doctoral student
Marco Vian, Doctoral student
Roberta Villa, Graduate technician
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Two experimental areas, equipped with pilot and bench scale plants, hosted in two transportable containers. The facilities are located in the Trento Nord WWTP. An agreement with the provincial authority allows the utilization of rooms and instrumentation of the S.O.I.S. (Servizio Opere Igienico Sanitarie Provincia di Trento) laboratory. Moreover, an agreement with AMGA Genoa allows to cooperate with the Research Center Laboratories and the Quality Control Laboratories, in the field of drinking water treatment.
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Main research topics
1 Solid waste
treatment of MSW putrescible fraction (aerobic and anaerobic stabilization processes, respirometry)
MSW selective collection (strategies, stream characterization)
waste pre-treatments (baling, sorting)
waste-to-energy plants (process modelling, environmental impact, residues treatment)
2 Wastewater
wastewater enhanced treatment (membrane processes, moving bed biofilm processes, SBR)
sewage sludge enhanced treatments (aerobic digestion optimisation, sludge hydrolysis, thermal drying)
respirometry (wastewater characterization, kinetics evaluation, inhibition)
modern microbiological tools (biomass active fraction measurement trough fluorochromes coupled with flow-citometry, epifluorescence microscopy with image analysis)
modelling (wastewater treatment dynamic modelling and model calibration by respirometric tests).
3 Drinking water
drinking water quality (public health issues, protozoa, legislation)
treatment technologies (chemical disinfection, protozoa removal technologies)
4 Surface water
eutrophication (nutrient balances, in-lake treatments)
Future developments
1 Solid waste
modelling of anaerobic and aerobic stabilization, use of respirometry for process control and kinetic studies
new strategies for OFMSW anaerobic digestion.
2 Wastewater
Application of advanced wastewater treatment technologies for plant upgrading, dynamic modelling for plant optimisation, integrated modelling of WWTP and river quality, biomass characterization with FISH coupled with flow-citometry,
3 Drinking water
role of distribution systems in determining water quality;
monitoring of UV disinfection performances.
4 Surface water
River quality modelling, lake sediment contribution to phosphorus load, remote control of in-lake interventions
Project participation go to indexgo upgo down
Research period Title Financial supporter and Project leader
2000-2002 Optimization of denitrification processes in Trentino WWTPs PAT (Autonomous Province Trento)
Project Leader: G. Ziglio
2001-2002 Biosensors in process control MURST
Project Leader: G. Andreottola
2001-2002 Respirometry applied in compost technology ARPAV (Veneto Environmental Protection Agency)
Project Leader: G. Ziglio
2001-2002 Application of bioscrubbing to odour control IASMA (Province Agricultural Institute)
Project Leader: G. Andreottola
2002-2003 Water quality modelling MURST
Project Leader: G. Ziglio
2002-2004 Wastewater reuse in agriculture PAT - Scientific Research Office
Project Leader: G. Ziglio
2003-2004 Biomass dynamics in composting MIUR
Project Leader: M. Ragazzi
International cooperation go to indexgo upgo down
AWWA Research Foundation, Denver (CO-USA): On-line monitoring; Emerging Technologies
DVGW Technologienzentrum Wasser, Dresden and Karlsruhe (Germany): On-line monitoring; Emerging Technologies;
University of Bauru (Sao Paolo) - Brazil: Wastewater Recycling; Wetland.
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1st Training Seminar: "Respirometry applied to wastewater treatment" - Trento, November 2001;
2nd Training Seminar: "MBR applied to municipal wastewater treatment" - Genoa, October 2002;
3rd Training Seminar: "Principles and application of MBBR technology in wastewater treatment" - Trento, November 2002;
4thTraining Seminar: "Respirometry applied to wastewater treatment" - Trento, November 2002;
5th Training Seminar: "Design and application of MBR technology to wastewater treatment" - Trento, November 2003.
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