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Urban and Regional Planning
Photo: Urban and Regional Planning
Page last updated: 26/05/2008
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Corrado Diamantini , Full professor
Bruno Zanon , Associate professor
Davide Geneletti, Assistant professor
Elena Bertè, Doctoral student
Dawa Dorje, Doctoral student
Alessandro Franceschini, Doctoral student
Rocco Scolozzi, Doctoral student

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The research group is accommodated in three offices, one of which partially shared with people of other disciplines. As far as computational facilities are concerned, there are 8 personal computers, 4 printers, 1 digitiser
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The main research topics under development by the group are the following:
Sustainable development: Focusing in particular on the more relevant processes affecting mountain areas and the construction of appropriate indicators.
Innovation of traditional planning approaches, procedures and instruments vis a vis the new actions and practices connected with the challenge of sustainability.
Environmental sensitivity: Mapping and assessing environmental sensitivity, in relation to:
The screening phase in EIA
Strategic environmental assessment
Spatial planning.
Spatial organisation dynamics, with particular attention to areas characterised by significant environmental endowment. This topic concerns on one hand both the changes affecting the settlement pattern of mountain's territories and their effects on environmental system; on the other the role played by local governments in controlling and addressing new processes.

Further investigation and related goals will concern:
Sustainable development: Regional pathways to sustainability, paying attention to the implementation of sustainability through current policies;
Measures of sustainability and common indicators for mountainous regions. The Alpine arch is, in this regard, an interesting case study to which different research projects are applied.
Environmental sensitivity: Implementation of an Environmental Sensitivity Information System on the basis of environmental values, with a particular attention paid to shared values, i.e. values resulting from a participated process in which the technical and scientific point of view are involved. A subsequent research theme could be that of the relationships between technical frameworks and political decisions.
Another and more technical topic involves the methodology to (spatially) express and represent ecological sensitivity, with respect in particular to concepts such as the carrying capacity of ecosystems. This topic involves the selection of suitable indicators and criteria and their aggregation into synthetic map layers. It is also clearly related to the problem of assigning (technical) values to different ecosystems or ecological aspects.
Sustainable urban infrastructure and urban planning: innovation of urban planning by means of best practices related to innovative actions devoted to improve the urban quality and the sustainability of the infrastructure.
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UE "Regionet. Thematic Network: Strategies for Regional Sustainable Development". K 32,9 (2 years starting from 1 February 2002)
Project Scientific Manager: Gerald Berger (ICCR, Vienna, http//
Murst "Evaluation procedures and communicative processes in the environmental project: Experimentation in some border areas of an alpine region".
K 34,4 (2 years starting from 1 January 2003)
National Co-ordinator: Giovanni Maciocco (University of Sassari, Italy)
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The research group takes part in two international research networks and one European project.
Ensure Network "European Network for Sustainable Urban and Rural Development"
UE: "Sustainability in the urban context": Cost C8 "Best practices in Urban Sustainable Infrastructures".
European research:
VFP (Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development): Regionet "Thematic Network: Strategies for Regional Sustainable Development".
On occasion of research activities and the organisation of the Post-graduate course "Monitoring and Control of the Environment", the group established contacts and collaborations with important international research institutions, working in particular on sustainable development issues. Among those:
TU Graz, Institut fr Grundlage der Verfarhen Teknik - Graz (Austria)
CURE, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
University of Oslo, Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo (Norway), ProSus research programme,
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences (ICCR) - Wien (Austria), http//
International Institute for Sustainable Development - Winnipeg (Canada)
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IOEW), Wuppertal (Germany)
For what concerns research activities on the topic of Environmental (Impact) Assessment and Decision Support Systems, the group has established collaborations with the following institutes:
International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth observation (ITC) - Enschede (NL) ( );
Institute for Environmental Studies, Free University of Amsterdam (NL) (
Department of Natural Sciences, University of Guerrero, Mexico.
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Laboratory of Spatial Organisation Dynamics