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About DICA
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Page last updated: 01/10/2008

The mission of DICA is to advance knowledge and educate students in the science and technology that best serves the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. Its activities are conducted in several laboratories, with close collaboration among research groups, given the strongly interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Research in the Department focuses mainly on land protection and preservation, with particular emphasis on the mountain regions, water resources, river and estuary dynamics, analysis of the environmental impact of infrastructures, urban settlements, design of ecological and energy saving buildings, interaction between energy and environment, as well as surveying and remote sensing.
The research activities conducted in the Department are grouped into three "macro-areas":
a) land and environment surveying and modelling methodologies
b) design and management of technologies and infrastructures, and evaluation of their interaction with the environment
c) methodologies of research or design of works on scale for urban settlements and building intervention.

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