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Page last updated 09/12/2006

Dicam - People
Giuseppe Guglielmi


Position in DICAM

Research Officer
Contact Information
Telephone: +39 461 882 639
Fax: +39 461 882 672
Office: 404
Email: giuseppe.guglielmi@ing.unitn.it

Research topics


    1974, November 24th: born in Andria (BARI)

    1993, July: scientific school leaving certificate at Liceo Statale "R. Nuzzi", Andria

    1999, July: degree in Environmental Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan. Thesis: “Monitoraggio dei processi anaerobici mediante biosensore RANTOX”, Tutor: Prof. Alberto Rozzi, co-tutor: Ing. Alfieri Pollice

    November 1999-February 2000: collaboration at the Water Research Institute of National Research Council (IRSA-CNR) in Bari

    February 2003: PhD in Environmental Engineering at DICA. Thesis: “Membrane Biological Reactors for municipal wastewater treatment”
    March 2003 - MArch 2005: post-doc fellow at DICA

    January 2004-April 2004: visiting fellow at the School of Water Sciences - Cranfield University
    Since April 2005: research fellow at the Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige

    Member of the EMS (European Membrane Society)

Research topics

    My research activity is mainly focused on membrane biological reactors for wastewater treatment.

    The DICA experimental site for MBRs is placed in Pietramurata (33 km from Trento) and it includes three membrane modules,
    working in parallel according to a pre-denitrifcation scheme. The experimentation has been started up in autumn 2001.

    Main topics are:
    - evaluation of the biological aspects of the process (biomass activity assesed by means of respirometry, modelisation of sludge production)
    - analysis of fouling and optimisation of the operational conditions
    - critical flux and sustainable flux
    - definition of design and operation criteria for MBR

    Since March 2003, effluent from MBR is used to irrigate 6 experimental lysimeters. This project is named AGRESTE and other research partners are Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'Adige , Sevizio Opere Igienico-Sanitarie of Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Azienda Sanitaria Locale.

    Since May 2005 two new MBRs have been starte-up in Lavis (submerged VRM Huber) and Trento Nord (tubular side-stream Millenniumpore).

    Other research fields:
    - comparative evaluations of methods for the estimation of the oxygen tansfer coefficient
    - modelling of Sequeincing Batch Reactor process (SBR)
    - appropriate technologies for water sanitation in developing countries

    Have a look at Pietramurata


    2001-2002: 4th year Sanitary Engineering course (Prof. Ziglio)

    MSc thesis
    BOSCHETTI G. (A.A. 1999-2000), Analisi critica del metodo off-gas per la stima dell'efficienza di trasferimento dell'ossigeno in impianti di depurazione per acque reflue

    ROMANI S. (A.A. 1999-2000), Modellizzazione del respirogramma sperimentale dei fanghi attivi per la caratterizzazione cinetica del processo

    SEDLAK S. (A.A. 2000-2001), Indagine sperimentale sul trattamento biologico di reflui urbani con bioreattori a membrana

    VIAN F. (A.A. 2000-2001), Applicabilità dei bioreattori a membrana per l'adeguamento di impianti di trattamento dei reflui civili

    LUI G. (2000-2001), Indagine sperimentale e automazione di un biorattore a membrana su scala pilota per il trattamento di reflui civili

    CASTELLI R. (2001-2002), Sviluppo di un modello per la valutazione comparativa delle soluzioni progettuali per il potenziamento degli impianti di depurazione delle acque reflue

    RUGOLOTTO C. (2003-2004), Indagine sperimentale sulle tecnologie di trattamento delle acque reflue urbane per il riutilizzo agricolo

    CHIARANI D. (2003-2004), Flux criticality and sustainability in membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment


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