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Page last updated: 26/08/2004

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Research activities
In this laboratory there are three main research areas, concerning:
Manufacturing technology: metrology, industrial design, process simulation, rapid prototyping.
Vehicles dynamics simulation and testing: solution of optimal control problem for vehicle handling analysis and advanced driver assistance systems, trajectory reconstruction, integration of the above mentioned activities for autonomous driving tasks.
LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) Project: analysis of tribological aspects of free-floating test mass release during in-flight operation.
Teaching activities
Mechanics of vibration: free/forced vibration of a single degree of freedom system.
Manufacturing technology.
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M. Da Lio - Full Professor

F. Biral - Assistant Professor
D. Bortoluzzi - Assistant Professor
P. Bosetti - Assistant Professor
I. Cristofolini - Assistant Professor
T. Dal Negro - Assistant Professor
R. Oboe - Assistant Professor
M. Benedetti - Ph.D. Student
M. Dalla Fontana - Ph.D. Student
M. Armano - Ph.D. Student
F. De Gasperi - Technical Assistant
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Rapid Prototyping Machine.
Coordinate Measurement Machine.
A National Instruments PXI with 4-axis controller.