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Plasma Spray
Plasma Spray
Page last updated: 26/08/2004

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Production and characterization of thick protective coatings for high technology utilizations;
Anti-wear protection;
Anti-corrosion and heat barrier protection.
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M.Fauri - Associate Professor
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Laboratory of Plasma Spray with power of 80 kW, with spraying station in air (APS-Air Plasma Spray) and in vacuum (VPS-Vacuum Plasma Spray). The torch generator rise up a current up to 1000 A with voltage of 80 V. VPS vacuum room has a volume of approximately 7 m3 and achieve a void limit lower than 10-1 [mbar]. The vacuum room allows to work using inert gas (LPPS-Low Pressure Plasma Spray) or reactiv gas (RPS-Reactive Plasma Spray).