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Transportation and Manufacturing System
Transportation and Manufacturing System
Page last updated: 10/03/2009

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This research group is able to elaborate innovative approaches for application in efficiency and feasibility analysis for transportation and manufacturing system. Moreover the group has competences on organisation and optimisation of complex systems.
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M. Bonfioli - Associate Professor
R. Mauro - Associate Professor
F. Branco - Civil Engineering Degree
M. Cattani - Civil Engineering Degree
L. Rinaldi - Civil Engineering Degree
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Road and railway design and planning. Economic and effectiveness analysis for transportation and manufacturing systems. Technological feasibility and maintenance policies for transportation and manufacturing systems.

Analysis and definition of maintenance policies for cableway system plants in the Trentino region. Analysis and simulations of variable mix production processes. Designing and equilibration of production processes in bounded condition. Design technics to aid the decision about the choice between various intersection types roadlands design and level of service evaluation. Highway accident situation and operating analysis. Specific activities have been developed, like feasibility study of the new cableway Malcesine - Monte Baldo and of the tunneling of the Brennero Railway in Trento (now running).
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Alternatives evaluation for the renewal of the cableway Malcesine - Monte Baldo (“Valutazione delle ipotesi di rinnovamento dell’impianto funiviario Malcesine - Monte Baldo”), Società funivie Monte Baldo, 4/1998 - 4/1999, funding L. 50'000'000 (25'822,85 €) - [M. Bonfioli, R. Pallabazzer, R. Mauro];
Monitoring and rationalizing the maintenance of the cableway system plants of Trentino (“Monitoraggio e razionalizzazione della manutenzione degli impianti di risalita”), P.A.T., 1/1999 - 12/2001, funding L.145'000'000 (74'886 €) - [R. Pallabazzer, M. Bonfioli, R. Mauro];
Feasibility study of the tunneling of the Brennero Railway in Trento (“Studio di fattibilità per l’interramento della ferrovia del Brennero”), Comune di Trento, 2/2002 - 5/2002, funding 150'000 € - [M. Bonfioli, R. Mauro].