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Welcome to the Department
Welcome to the Department
Page last updated: 04/02/2009

The Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering (DIMS) gathers together researchers of a broad range of areas ranging between Civil, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. Beside classical fields such as Structural Mechanics & Design, Geotechnics, Infrastructures, the Department has expertise in new areas such as Mechatronics and Smart Structures Design. The Department is formed by Research Groups (Solid and Structural Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Design, Mechatronics, Geotechnical Engineering, Infrastructures and Architectural Engineering, Industrial Design, Applied Mathematics) which conduct their activities in eight laboratories.

The Department is involved in three Graduate Schools:
- Engineering of Civil and Mechanical Structural Systems;
- Energetics;
- Motorcycles Engineering.

There are currently 123 people working at DIMS, with the following composition:
31 faculty staff,
15 technicians and administrative staff,
53 Ph.D. students,
24 research fellows.