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About of DIMTI
About of  DIMTI
Page last updated: 15/04/2009

The mission of DIMTI (Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies) is to advance knowledge and educate students in the area of Materials Engineering so as to best serve industrial development and the uptake of new technologies. The activities are conducted in the laboratories referred below, with a collaboration between the research groups given the strong interdisciplinary nature of the studies. The activity of the department focuses on different aspects of materials engineering, with particular emphasis to materials structure and properties, new materials and technologies.
The Department conducts research in various fields of Materials Engineering. Ceramics, polymers and composites, and metallic alloys are studied. Production techniques, microstructural properties, mechanical characteristics, corrosion resistance and interaction with the environment represent the most important research field. Furthermore, new materials are "designed" for special innovative applications.
Since 2003 the Department, formerly named Department of Materials Engineering, took the name of Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies. This name change was motivated by the increasing interest and activities of the members of the department to forward materials technology.