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Ceramics science and technology
Ceramics science and technology
Page last updated: 15/04/2009


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Ceramics science and technologyCeramics Science and Technology Laboratory
Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies - University of Trento
Head: prof. Carturan Giovanni
Via Mesiano, 77 - 38050 Trento - Italy
Tel. +39 0461 881922
Fax: +39 0461 881945


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Carturan Giovanni - Full Professor
Dal Maschio Roberto - Full Professor
Della Mea Gianantonio - Full Professor
Soraru' Gian Domenico - Full Professor
Campostrini Renzo - Associate Professor
Ceccato Riccardo - Associate Professor
Dire' Sandra - Associate Professor
Sglavo Vincenzo - Associate Professor
Quaranta Alberto - Assistant Professor
Spilimbergo Sara - Assistant Professor
Callone Emanuela - Research Scientist
De La Pena Raquel - Post-Doc
Pederiva Luca - Post-Doc
Cologna Marco - PhD Student
Contino Anna Rita - PhD Student
Costabile Alessandra - PhD Student
Guzzon Raffaele - PhD Student
Karakuscu Aylin - PhD Student
Maggioni GianLuigi - PhD Student
Mantoan Denise - PhD Student
Montinaro Dario - PhD Student
Perazzolli Chiara - PhD Student
Prezzi Andrea - PhD Student
Scian Carlo - PhD Student
Sicurelli Adriana - PhD Student
Tagliazucca Valeria - PhD Student
Tognana Lorenzo - PhD Student
Kamseu Elie - Scholarship fellow
Mammeri Fayna - Scholarship fellow

Technical staff
Conci Alexia
Ischia Marco
Sicurelli Adriana
Zottele Livio

Dorini Piera

Major research facilities

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Differential thermal analysis (DTG/TG) and dilatometer up to 1600C (Netzsch)
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) up to 800C (Thermal Analysis)
Thermal analysis coupled to mass spectrometer and gas chromatography (Setaram, Carlo Erba VG)
Universal mechanical testing machine equipped with furnace for testing up to 1600C (MTS System)
Nitrogen sorption analysis (Micromeritics)
X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with EDXS probe (JEOL)
FT-IR spectrophotometer (Nicolet)
High temperature furnaces working also in vacuum and controlled atmosphere (Nabertherm, Thermal Technol.)
Furnace for glass ion-exchange (LEMA)
Profilometer (Hommelwerke)
He picnometer (Micromeritics)
Hg intrusion porosimeter (Carlo Erba)
UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer (Jasco, Milton Roy)
Spectrofluorimeter (Jasco)
AFM microscope (Burleigh)
Viscosimeter (Physica)
Spin-coater, dip-coater (Chemat technologies)