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Industrial Corrosion Control
Industrial Corrosion Control
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Industrial Corrosion ControlIndustrial Corrosion Control Laboratory
Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies - University of Trento
Head: prof. Pierluigi BONORA
Via Mesiano, 77 - 38050 Trento - Italy

Technological Unit of Industrial Corrosion Control


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Bonora Pierluigi - Full Professor
Fedrizzi Lorenzo - Full Professor
Deflorian Flavio - Associate Professor
Rossi Stefano - Assistant Professor
Creazzi Luigi - PhD Student
Fedel Michele - PhD Student
Lekka Maria - PhD Student
Vadillo-Velazquez Maria del Carmen - PhD Student
Zanella Caterina - PhD Student
Valentinelli Luca - Contract People

Technical staff
Benedetti Luca
Ghirardelli Lorenzo

Major research facilities

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Electrochemical apparatus for electrochemical tests in Direct and Alternate Current.
FT-IR Spectrophotometer with microscope
Salt spray test chambers
Adhesion test (Pull-Off) coating/substrate apparatus
Cathodic Disbonding of Coatings
Cupping Test and Bending test of coatings
Light and water exposure apparatus UV-condensation type
Accelerated test to evaluate the resistance to solar light by xeno lamp.
Abrasion resistance of organic coatings apparatus (Taber Abraser)
Wear-Corrosion Apparatus