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Mechanical test: tension and compression
Mechanical test: Fatigue and Corrosion-fatigue
Mechanical test: Hardness and microhardness
Mechanical test: Dinamo-mechanical test
Mechanical test: Impact test with Charpy pendulum
Mechanical test: Impact test on organig coatings
Thermal analysis: Thermogravimetry (TGA)
Thermal analysis: Differential thermal analysis (DTA)
Thermal analysis: Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Mechanical tests: dilatometry.
Optical microscopy observations with image analyses
Scanning electron microscopy observations with x-ray energy dispersion analyses
Surface analysis: static and dynamic contact angle, surface tension (Wilhelmy microbalance and drop-shape analysis)
Porous materials: helium and powder picnometry, open porosity
Transmission electron microscopy observations with x-ray energy dispersion analyses
Infrared spectroscopy (IR and FT-IR)
X-ray and electron diffraction analyses
Thermal treatments
Microstructural characterisation of metallic and ceramic coatings
Measurement of the thickness of coatings and thin films
Measurement of the coating/substrate adhesion
Exposure tests to UV-A and UV-B radiation
Cathodic delamination tests
Salt spray chamber tests
Cupping and bending tests
Electrochemical tests
Electrochemical impedence spectroscopy tests
Abrasion resistance tests of organic coatings apparatus (Taber test)
Galvanic coupling tests
Wear-corrosion tests
Stress-corrosion tests