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Page last updated: 15/04/2009

Several research activities are being carried out by members of the Department, concerning fundamental science and applied research. In both cases, the focus is the development of materials and processes promoting and supporting technological innovation. Several research projects are conducted in collaboration with national and international universities, research institutions and industrial partners.

The theoretical and experimental research approach aims at establishing correlations among materials structure, properties and processing routes.

To improve further its reaserach capability, the Department has worked out a development plan based on five key actions:
1- financing for the maintenance and improvement of the experimental facilities of the laboratories;
2- appointment of research workers, research students, research associates;
3- strengthening and internationalization of the PhD programme in materials engineering;
4- acquisition and management of large experimental research facilities, through the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Large Facilities for Materials Research , founded in association with the Department of Physics.
5-acquisition and management, in the Technological Laboratory, of equipments for materials processing and manufacturing, on the industrial or semi-industrial scale, to develop new processing routes through the production of prototypes and small series, as well as of equipments for analysis and testing for the development and the qualification of industrial products, which serves as spin-off for technological transfer.

The wide network of collaborations has a beneficial effect of departmental finance (budget), mainly consisting of industrial contracts and no-ministery funding.