The Opera Universitaria of Trento organizes and implements services, both individual and collective, for students enrolled at the University of Trento. It is responsible for providing refectory and accomodation facilities (canteens, lodgings, student hall of residence), awarding grants, scholarships and awards for study at the university and any other moral and material help in compliance with the law and its own constitution.
Tel.: +39 461 981440-981466 
Office Address: Via Rosmini 70/72 
38100 Trento, Italy 
Office hours: Monday - Friday 10 -12 
Tuesday afternoons 14.30 - 16.00
The services currently provided by the Opera Universitaria for the students of Trento University are the following:
- study grants - canteens
- halls of residence  - health care
- subsidies and awards  - cultural activities 
- sport and leisure activities  - transport

- Mensa Centro Santa Chiara - Via S. Croce 65 - Trento
- Mensa universitaria - Via XXIV Maggio - Trento
- Mensa Facoltà di Scienze - Povo
- Mensa Facoltà di Ingegneria - Mesiano
- Mensa universitaria - Via Tommaso Gar - Trento

The Erasmus students will have the right to eat meals at the University canteens at the price of about 2,32 € per meal, drinks not included; lunch is served at the canteen of the Faculty of Science, while for dinner and on Saturdays and Sundays it is only possible to eat at the university canteen in town (there are no lectures on Saturdays).
The students will also have the right to a bus pass at reduced price (about 12,91€ per month).

Some accommodation for students is available at a price of about 129,11 - 180,75 € per month; the choice will be made on the basis of "first arrived first served". However, at more-or-less the same price it is in general possible to find accommodation on the open market.

As regards the cost of living PER MONTH, a rough survival-estimate is: house 154,93 €, meals 123,94 €, transport 12,91 €.

To this add anything you want, considering the following indicative prices:
pizza + beer 
coffee in bar 
meal in restaurant 
1-day ski-lift  
1 litre car petrol
7,74 - 10,32
10,32 - 25,82 
15,49 - 20,65