Enrico Bertolazzi - Homepage

Enrico Bertolazzi's Homepage
Enrico Bertolazzi's Homepage
Associate Professor in Numerical Analisys

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale

Università di Trento

Via Sommarive 9, I-38123 Trento, Italy

  • Tel:++39-0461-282590
  • Fax:++39-0461-282599
Research Interest
  • Numerical Methods for Optimal Control
  • Finite Volume/Finite Element Methods
  • Sparse matrix computations
Programming skills
  • Advanced knowledge of C/C++, TEX, LATEX and MAPLE programming language
  • Good knowledge of Ruby, PERL and FORTRAN programming language
  • Experienced in BASIC, PASCAL, HTML, Javascript, php and Assembler (6502, Z80 and PDP11)