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The EASY macros family

release 5.2


Easyeqn: a brief description

The package Easyeqn introduces some equation environments that are useful to simplify equation editing. It uses a syntax similar to the array environment to define the column alignment.

The label field is fully customizable. A package option allows equation numbering only of the equations that were labeled and referenced. If required a warning is prompted when equations are labelled but not referenced.

Some additional macros are also included to facilitate the typing of formulae.

The environments equation and eqnarray are improved and substituted by the new environments EQ and EQA, thus allowing the use of array like sintax to specify column alignment within equations.

Environment EQ and EQA can be mixed with standard equation and eqnarray.

HTML documentation

PDF documentation

Easymat, Easybmat, Easytable: a brief description

The aim of the above three packages is basically to simplify block matrices or tables writing. The main features are the following:

The macros are reentrant so that it is possible to build block matrices with block matrices as entries and so forth.

Rows height and column width can be enforced to be the same.

It is possible to specify minimum size for cells or block matrix (or table).

It is possible to specify many kind of rules between rows and columns.

It is possible to specify paths of rules from within a block matrix or table using a turtle graphycs sintax. This option is particularly useful when difficult splitting of a block matrix is needed: for example in describing Gauss elimination algorithm.

HTML documentation for EasyMat

HTML documentation for EasyBmat

HTML documentation for EasyTable

PDF documentation for EasyMat

PDF documentation for EasyBmat

PDF documentation for EasyTable

Easyvector: a brief description

Easyvector is a macro package that provides a C-like syntax to write vectors and matrices components.

HTML documentation for EasyVector

PDF documentation for EasyVector

Easybib: a brief description

Easybib is a simple sintax macro package for writing custom-made bibliographies. The scope of this macro package is to emulate and to extend the bibliography style of AMSTeX. It can easily customize the format of the references.

HTML documentation for EasyVBib

PDF documentation for EasyVBib

Note: This package is outclassed by BibTex.


The macros are available here: easy.tgz