Research Group in Forest Ecology
Prof. Maria Giulia Cantiani
PhD. Dr in Forestry Marco Ciolli
Dr. Sara Tamanini
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Forest Ecology - II Year of the Corso di Laurea Ambiente e Territorio

Ecologic Forest Planning - V Year of the Corso di Laurea Ambiente e Territorio

GIS: il Sistema Grass - Corso seminariale, V Year of the  Corso di Laurea Ambiente e Territorio

Some Socrates-Erasmus projects are active and some visiting professors have been guests of our Faculty.
We have carried out many degree thesis in co-operation with engineers to form professionals sensible to environmental problems and to give them the tools to analize and evaluate the land under an ecologic point of view.
Our Degree thesis


The group carries out many researches regarding some main topics (click on each topic to know more):

A sample of our Pubblications

Projects (some in progress, some finished)

Forest types, an ecologic approach to forest management
Geographic Information Systems
Tipes, wood production and sylvicuture in Spruce forests of Val di Fiemme
Department Forest Planning
Growing rithm of forest trees
Sustainable development in Trentino
Hypertextual management plans