Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics

List of selected publications

Single copies of the articles can be downloaded and printed for the reader's personal research and study.
  1. Finkenauer L., Weissmann J., DESERI L., Majidi C. (2014). Saddle-like Deformation in a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Embedded with Liquid-Phase Gallium-Indium Electrodes, J. APPL. PHYSICS : 10.1063/1.4897551

  2. DESERI L., Zingales M., (2014). A mechanical picture of fractional-order Darcy equation. COMM. NONLINEAR SCIENCE NUM. SIMULATION, DOI: 10.1016/j.cnsns.2014.06.021

  3. DESERI L., Gentili G., Golden J. M., (2014). New Insights on Free Energies and Saint-Venant's Principle in Viscoelasticity, INT. J. OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2014.05.031

  4. DESERI L., Di Paola M, Zingales M., (2014). Free Energy and States of Fractional-Order Hereditariness, INT. J. OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2014.05.008

  5. DESERI L., Owen D. R., (2014). Stable Disarrangement Phases of Elastic Aggregates: a Setting for the Emergence of No-tension Materials with Non-linear Response in Compression, MECCANICA, DOI: 10.1007/s11012-014-0042-7

  6. DESERI L., Zingales M., Pollaci, P., (2014). The state of Fractional Hereditary Materials (FHM), DIFF. EQN.S AND DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS-DCDS-B 19-7, DOI: 10.3934/dcdsb.2014.19.2065

  7. Galuppi L., DESERI L., (2014). Combined effects of the interstitial and Laplace pressure in hot isostatic pressing of cylindrical specimens, J. MECH. MATERIALS SOLIDS-JoMMS, DOI: 10.2140/jomms.2014.9.1

  8. DESERI L., ZURLO G., (2013). The stretching elasticity of biomembranes determines their line tension and bending rigidity., BIOMECH. MODELING IN MECHANOBIOLOGY, DOI: 10.1007/S10237-013-0478-Z

  9. DESERI L., DI PAOLA M., ZINGALES M., POLLACI P. (2013). Power-law hereditariness of hierarchical fractal bones, INT. J. NUM. METH. BIOMEDICAL ENG., DOI: 10.1002/cnm.2572

  10. DAL CORSO, F. AND DESERI, L., (2013) Residual stresses in random elastic composites: nonlocal micromechanics-based models and first estimates of the representative volume element size, MECCANICA, DOI: 10.1007/s11012-013-9713-z

  11. DESERI L. AND OWEN, D. R. (2012). Moving interfaces that separate loose and compact phases of elastic aggregates: a mechanism for drastic reduction or increase in macroscopic deformation, CONTINUUM MECHANICS AND THERMODYNAMICS, DOI: 10.1007/s00161-012-0260-y

  12. PUNTEL E., DESERI L. AND FRIED, E. (2011). Wrinkling of a Stretched Thin Sheet, JOURNAL OF ELASTICITY 105, 137-170. DOI: 10.1007/s10659-010-9290-5

  13. DESERI L. AND OWEN, D. R. (2010). Submacroscopically Stable Equilibria of Elastic Bodies Undergoing Disarrangements and Dissipation, MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS OF SOLIDS, 15 (6), 611-638. doi:10.1177/1081286509106101

  14. DESERI L., PICCIONI M. D.. AND ZURLO G. (2008). Derivation of a new free energy for biological membranes, CONTINUUM MECHANICS AND THERMODYNAMICS 20 (5), 255-273.

  15. DESERI L., GOLDEN J. M. (2007). The Minimum Free Energy for Continuous Spectrum Materials. SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS 67 (3), 869-892.

  16. DESERI L., HEALEY T. J. (2007). Variational derivation for higher gradient Van der Waals fluids equilibria and bifurcating phenomena. NOTE DI MATEMATICA 27, 71-95. Invited paper in recognition of the sixtieth birthday of William Alan Day.

  17. DESERI L., GOLDEN M. J. AND M. FABRIZIO (2006). The Concept of a Minimal State in Viscoelasticity: New Free Energies and Applications to PDEs. ARCHIVE FOR RATIONAL MECHANICS AND ANALYSIS 181, 43-96.

  18. DESERI L., D. R. OWEN. (2003). Toward a field theory for elastic bodies undergoing disarrangements. JOURNAL OF ELASTICITY 70 (I), 197-236.

  19. DESERI L., D. R. OWEN. (2002). Invertible Structured Deformations and Slip in Single Crystals. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY 18, 833-849.

  20. DESERI L., D.R.OWEN. (2002). Energetics of Two-level Shears and Hardening of Single Crystals. MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS OF SOLIDS 7, 113-147.

  21. DESERI L., D. R. OWEN. (2000). Active Slip-Band Separation and the Energetics of Slip in Single Crystals. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY 16, 1411-1418.

  22. DESERI L., R. MARES. (2000). A Class of Viscoelastoplastic Constitutive Models Based on the Maximum Dissipation Principle. MECHANICS OF MATERIALS 32, 389-403.

  23. DESERI L., G. GENTILI AND M. J. GOLDEN. (1999). An Expression for the Minimal Free Energy in Linear Viscoelasticity. JOURNAL OF ELASTICITY 54, 141-185.

  24. BENEDETTI A., DESERI L. (1999). On a Viscoplastic Shanley-Like Model Under Constant Load. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES 36, 5207-5232.

  25. DEL PIERO G., DESERI L. (1997). On the concepts of state and free energy in linear viscoelasticity. ARCHIVE FOR RATIONAL MECHANICS AND ANALYSIS 138, pp. 1-35.

  26. DEL PIERO G., DESERI L. (1996). On the analytic expression of the free energy in linear viscoelasticity. JOURNAL OF ELASTICITY 43, pp. 247-278.

List of selected proceedings

  1. G. FABBROCINO, C. LAORENZA, C. RAINIERI, F. SANTUCCI DE MAGISTRIS, C. SALZANO, L. DESERI (2009), Monitoraggio sismico di una paratia di pali in cemento armato, ANIDIS 2009 Conference, Bologna-Italy.

  2. DESERI L., DRUGAN W. J. (2008). An exact micromechanics based nonlocal constitutive equation for random viscoelastic composites, Proceedings of the MDP 2007 Conference, to appear.

  3. MARCARI G., FABBROCINO G., DESERI L. (2006) Analisi parametrica della risposta visco-elasto-plastica dell'interazione terreno-strutture a torre, XVI Congr. GIMC.

List of selected monographs

  1. DESERI L., MARCARI G. AND G. ZURLO (2008). Thermodynamics, Chapter 5, In: Continuum Mechanics, EOLSS-UNESCO Encyclopedia, G. Saccomandi and J. Merodio Editors. Invited paper (under final editing).

  2. DESERI L. (2004). Crystalline plasticity and structured deformations. In Multiscale Modeling in Continuum Mechanics and Structured Deformations, Del Piero, G. and D. R. Owen editors, pp. 203-230, Springer New York, Wien.

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