Title: Electrochemical processes Course credits and class: 5, optional Professor: Claudio Della Volpe Aims: To know and understand the principles of electrochemistry and their application to the most important industrial processes (aluminum production, chlorine and sodium hydroxide production, anodization, etc.) and to the commonest and/or advanced electrochemical devices and materials(batteries, photovoltaics, fuel cells, conductive polymers, etc.) Program: 1. Electrochemical systems; general informations. 2. Electrlysis and Faraday rules. 3. Ionic dissociation and ion movement. 4. Conductivity measurement. 5. Thermodynamics of electrochemical processes. 6. The activity of electrolytes in solution. 7. The electric status of phasesand interphases. 8. Galvanic cells and galvanic semi-cells. 9. The measurement of electrode voltage. 10. The irreversibility of electrochemical processes. 11. Electrochemical kinetics. 12. The electrode processes. 13. Comments on the flux lines in an electrical field. About 2-3 hours for each item for a total of 25-30 hours. 14. The electrochemical processes: electrodeposition; anodization; aluminum production; chlorine and sodium hydroxide; electrophoresis; Batteries. Fuel cells. Photovoltaics. Conductive polymers. Their applications. About 12-18 hours. Laboratory: 4 laboratory lessons of about 3 hours with groups of 3-4 students on: - conductivity titration of a strong acid or base; - metal electric potential in semi-cell or concentration cell; - deposition of metals on conductive supports in a Hull cell and its characterization; - building-up of a Zn/C battery or PEM fuel cell or photogalvanic cell and its characterization; Each laboratory lesson needs a written comment, which will be discussed at the final test. Visits: 1 at aluminum production plant of Fusine, Ve (Alcoa). Final test: oral or discussion of a written report on a general argument or the building-up of an electrochemical device with certain characteristics. Books and written materials: Bianchi e Mussini- Elettrochimica - ed. MassonBianchi - Processi elettrochimici - ed. MassonD'Archer Hill (Eds) Clean electricity from photovoltaics ICP 2001Basic photovoltaic principles and methods - Solar Energy Research Institute Van Nostrand 1984 Some short reports on specific arguments will be given during the course.