Open Source Free Software GIS - GRASS users conference 2002

Trento, Italy, 11-13 September 2002

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Papers by Title

2d/3d Grass Modules Use And Development For Atmospheric Modeling (Zatelli Paolo, Ciolli Marco, Vitti Alfonso, Zardi Dino): Full Paper, Abstract
3-D Geologic Modeling And Visualization Of Faulted Structures (Yonezawa Go, Nemoto Tatsuya, Masumoto Shinji, Shiono Kiyoji): Full Paper, Abstract
A Gis Grass-Embedded Decision Support Framework For Flood Forecasting (GarcÝa Galiano Sandra): Full Paper, Abstract
A Grass Gis Based Shell Script For Landslide Susceptibility Zonation. (Clerici Aldo): Full Paper, Abstract
A Knowledge-Integrated Stepwise Optimization Model For Feature Mining In Rs Image (Luo Jiancheng, Chen Qiuxiao, Zheng Jiang , Zhou Cheng Hu, Leung Yee): Abstract
A Spatial Decision Support System For Radar Meteorologic Data In South Africa (L÷we Peter): Full Paper, Abstract
Activities Of Grass In Thailand (Socharoentum Monsak): Full Paper, Abstract
Advantages Of Open-Source Gis To Improve Spatial Environmental Modelling (Mitchell Scott, Csillag Ferko, Tague Christina): Full Paper, Abstract
An Archaeological Web Gis Application Based On Mapserver And Postgis (Brovelli Maria Antonia, Magni Diego ): Abstract
Assessment And Monitoring Of Desertification In North Of Jordan (Harahsheh Hussein): Abstract
Automatic Image Registration On 3d-To-2d Images (Tipdecho Taravudh): Full Paper, Abstract
Challenges Of Using Open Source Gis - Experiences Of Thailand (Santitamnont Phisan): Abstract
Construction And Visualization Of Three Dimensional Geologic Model Using Grass Gis (Masumoto Shinji, Raghavan Venkatesh, Nemoto Tatsuya, Shiono Kiyoji): Full Paper, Abstract
Decentralized Gis Web Services On Grid (Panatkool Apirak, Laoveerakul Sitthichai ): Full Paper, Abstract
Development Of A Complete Climate Database Using A New Grass Module (Sboarina Chiara): Full Paper, Abstract
Development Of Sisgem - An Online System For 3d Geological Modeling - (Nemoto Tatsuya, Raghavan Venkatesh, Masumoto Shinji, Shiono Kiyoji): Abstract
Development Of The Grass/r Interface - Gis And Statistical Data Analysis (Bivand Roger): Abstract
Environmental Gis Database For The White Sea (Kaitala Seppo, Shavykin Anatoly, Volkov Vladimir ): Full Paper, Abstract
Environmental Thematic Map And Easy Probabilistic Estimation Of A Threshold Exceed (Biagi Ludovico, Brovelli Maria Antonia, Negretti Marco): Full Paper, Abstract
Experimental Mobile Wireless Grass Based Gis For Handheld Computers Running Gnu/linux (Stankovic Jan, Neteler Markus, Flor Roberto): Full Paper, Abstract
Flow Computation On Massive Grid Terrains (Toma Laura, Lars Arge, Mitasova Helena): Abstract
Freedom In Geoinformation Science And Software Development: A Grass Gis Contribution (Mitasova Helena, Neteler Markus): Full Paper, Abstract
Gis And Dendrochronological Techniques For Avalanche Hazard Mapping With Grass (Bezzi Marco, Comunello Giovanni, Ciolli Marco): Full Paper, Abstract
Gis Application For Land Planning And Management Of Montserrat, West Indies (Ahmed Iftikhar, Franklyn Greenaway): Full Paper, Abstract
Grass And Modeling Landscape Processes Using Duality Between Particles And Fields (Mitasova Helena, Hofierka Jaroslav, Mitas Lubos): Full Paper, Abstract
Grass On The Web (Hess Sigrid): Full Paper, Abstract
GRASS vector data management and operation enhancement by using RDBMS PostgreSQL 2-d vectors.(Shevlakov Alexander): Full Paper, Abstract
Horton: A New Set Of Tools For Geomorphological Analysis Ported Into Grass (Rigon Riccardo, Antonello Andrea, Pisoni Silvano, Cozzini Andrea): Abstract
How Grass' Development Reflects Free Software History And What To Expect Next. (Reiter Bernhard): Full Paper, Abstract
Identifying Wrinkle Ridges Structures From Mars Mgs And Viking Mission Data: Using Grass In Planetary Geology (Frigeri Alessandro, Federico Costanzo, Minelli Giorgio, Pauselli Cristina, Caldarella Cristina): Full Paper, Abstract
Illuminating Clay: A Tangible Interface With Potential Grass Applications (Piper Ben, Ratti Carlo, Hiroshi Ishii): Full Paper, Abstract
Implementing An Online Spatial Database Using The Grass Gis Environment (Raghavan Venkatesh, Masumoto Shinji, Santitamont Phisan, Honda Kiyoshi): Full Paper, Abstract
Implementing The Automatic Extraction Of Ridge And Valley Axes Using The Ppa Algorithm In Grass Gis (Frigeri Alessandro, Chang Yet-Chung): Full Paper, Abstract
Improving D.T.M. Generation By Enhancing The Resolution Of Remotely Sensed Digital Imagery(Fryer John, Scarmana Gabriel): Full Paper, Abstract
In Search Of Habitats ~ Testing A Gnu Approach (Nieminen Juhana): Full Paper, Abstract
Land Use Change Maps In A Developing Country. Application Of Grass Gis In Caia District (Ciolli Marco, Deola Claudio, Tamanini Tomas): Full Paper, Abstract
Low Cost Pda/gps Based Field Logging Solution For Grass Data. (Frigeri Alessandro, Minelli Giorgio): Full Paper, Abstract
Managing And Processing Lidar Data Within Grass (Brovelli Maria Antonia, Cannata Massimiliano, Longoni Ulisse Matteo): Full Paper, Abstract
Modelling Emission And Dispersion Of Road Traffic Pollutant For The Town Of Trento (Cemin Andrea, Ciolli Marco, Nave Domenico): Full Paper, Abstract
Modelling Of Evaporation Processes Over Tilted Slopes By Means Of 3d Grass Raster (Zatelli Paolo, Ciolli Marco, De Franceschi Massimiliano, Rea Roberto, Zardi Dino): Full Paper, Abstract
New Grass Modules For Multiresolution Analysis With Wavelets (Zatelli Paolo, Antonello Andrea): Full Paper, Abstract
Potentail Erosion Map For Bagmati Basin Using Grass (Jha Raghunath): Full Paper, Abstract
Processing Digital Elevation Models By Regularized Spline With Tension (Cebecauer Tomas, Hofierka Jaroslav, Suri Marcel): Full Paper, Abstract
Reference Frames: Definition And Management (Sguerso Domenico, Vitti Alfonso, Carcano Elena): Full Paper, Abstract
Scale-Dependent Geomorphometric Analysis For Glacier Mapping At Nanga Parbat (Bonk Radoslav): Full Paper, Abstract
Sea-Bed Classification And Sea-Bottom Mapping With Grass In The R.N.M.M. (Ciriaco Saul, Bonacito Clizia , Costantini Marco , Spoto Maurizio): Full Paper, Abstract
Spatial Economics: Applied Models Simulated With Grass (Preda Mauro ): Abstract
Spatio-Temporal Monitoring Of Evolving Topography Using Lidar, Rtks And Sonar Data (Mitasova Helena, Drake Thomas, Harmon Russel, Hofierka Jaroslav, Mcninch Jesse): Full Paper, Abstract
Support Of Wmo Binary Formats (bufr And Grib) (BergŔs Jean Claude): Full Paper, Abstract
Teaching Gis The Gnu Way (Nieminen Juhana): Abstract
The New Grass 5.1 Vector Architecture (Blazek Radim, Neteler Markus, Micarelli Roberto): Full Paper, Abstract
The Solar Radiation Model For Open Source Gis: Implementation And Applications (Hofierka Jaroslav, Suri Marcel): Full Paper, Abstract
The Use Of Lidar Technologies In Grass (Candidi Tommasi Crudeli Rafdouglas): Abstract
The Use Of The Gis Into The Forest Fire Prediction. The Simulation Model (Saidi Ahmed): Full Paper, Abstract
University Of Helsinki Environmental Biology Gis Laboratory (Nieminen Juhana, Kaitala Seppo, Kiviaho Katja): Abstract
Using Grass In Evaluation Of Landslide Susceptibility In Handlovsk┴ Kotlina Basin (Paudits Peter, Bednarik Martin): Full Paper, Abstract
Using Mapserver To Integrate Local Government Spatial Data (Greenwood Richard): Full Paper, Abstract
Weather Radar Enhanced Flash Flood Forecasting (O'Donnell Scott): Full Paper, Abstract
Wildlife Management And Landscape Analysis In The Grass Gis (Menegon Stefano, Fontanari Steno, Dassau Otto, Blazek Radim, Neteler Markus, Merler Stefano, Furlanello Cesare): Abstract