d.m - Display Manager

The Display Manager is the new GRASS 5.7 graphic interface, that allows running in a simple and intuitive way most visualization commands.
Diplay Manager can perform these operations:

Display Manager window is divided in 3 parts: at the top there are menus and buttons, in the middle part active maps and command are listed, and in the lower part all available options for the selected item are shown.

With the Display Manager File menu you can save or load configuration files: all maps, options, colors, commands are saved in a file so complex visualizations can be loaded and easily displayed with just one click. Help on-line is available from the menu.
Display Managers' 16 buttons allow accessing to all its functions: click here for a list of all buttons and related commands.

How to display, zoom and query maps

To display a vector map, push button, and in the lower part of the Display Manager window many options appear: click on "Vector name" to select the map to be displayed from a list. All the other visualization options (colors, labels, categories or attributes to be displayed) are available in this form. An SQL query can also be entered.
When all desired options have been set, click on the button to diplay the map on the active monitor.
To display a raster map, first click on , then on .

To display maps using default region settings press , to use saved region settings press .

Once the map(s) has been displayed, with the Display Manager you can zoom on the desired region by pressing : this button automatically runs d.zoom.
At the same way, selected map can be queried pressing button (it runs d.what.vect or d.what.rast commands).

Complex visualizations

Even complex visualizations of many maps become easy using the Display Manager: press and buttons, select desired maps from the lists, and press : all maps are displayed on the active monitor, following the specified sequence.
In this example, the first map to be displayed is raster 1, then vector 1, vector 2 and vector 3 are overlaid. Logically it makes sense to overlay a map on another only if the second one doesn't hide the first one!

To make complex visualizations easier to be organized, Display Manager allows to modify the name of the maps (with a double-click) in the middle part of the window, to group them in directories and sub-directories (using button), and to temporarely exclude a map from the visualization (by deselecting its checkbox).
To remove a map from the Display Manager select it and press button.
To add saved labels in the visualization, press ; to add a GRASS 5.7 command press , then write it on the textbox: it will be run when all selected maps have been already displayed.
In the next image only maps belonging to the group "CENTRO" are displayed, then the g.region command is automatically run.

To save Display Manager window as you can see it click button or select File -> Save.
To load a saved configuration file click button or select File -> Open.


Press button to start GRASS 5.7 digitizer: this new vector digitizer has a graphic interface. On the active monitor the selected map is displayed.

Print/plot utility

Click button to access Display Manager new print/plot interface. Print format and borders can be specified, and a print preview of the map can be displayed.

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