This command prints or sets database connection for a GRASS 5.7 vector map.
When the connection has been extablished, the values stored in the selected database table can be viewed or modified directly by GRASS, simply querying the map with the mouse (d.what.vect command).
When this command is ran for the first time on a vector map, parameters are stored so that user doesn't need to enter parameters each time GRASS 5.7 is restarted.

To extablish a connection between a vector map and a database table, map categories must match table keys or id of a certain field: the name of this field must be entered in the "key name" box of the v.db.connect form.
If requested, this command can only print connection parameters (flag -p) or simply show a list of the fields for the connected table (flag -c), like db.columns and db.describe commands.

Synopsis: (example)

> v.db.connect map=strade driver=pg database=copert3 table=coemissvis key=id_strada -o

Connection between the strade vector map and the coemissvis db table.

List of all fields for the coemissvis db table.

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