List of the exercises

Here is reported a list of the available exercises in this Tutorial. They have been specifically created to gradually acquire confidence in the use of GRASS GIS. The exercises begin from simple concepts regarding map displaying and become more and more difficult, highlighting some of the wide GRASS software potential during the path.

Esercises - base concepts

  1. Foreword
  2. Running GRASS
  3. Console or menu?
  4. Map display

Raster maps use

  1. Current region
  2. Displaying raster data
  3. Querying a raster
  4. Changing current region resolution
  5. Zoom & Pan
  6. Generating a report
  7. Reclassifing a raster map

Digital Terrain Model

  1. Contour lines import
  2. Digital Terrain Model (DTM) creation
  3. Creation of slope and aspect maps

Applications and land analysis

  1. Watershed analysis
  2. Mining analysis
  3. Simultaneous query of raster and vector maps

Vector base Geoprocessing

  1. GEOprocessing