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The database will describe the following aspects of the estuarine morphology and hydrodynamics:

  • geometric description of the estuary:
    length (and possible presence of landward boundaries);
    convergence length (width variation along the estuary);
    depth at the mouth (average, maximum);
    cross-sectional shape;
    data on the longitudinal variation of width and cross-section;

  • hydraulic behaviour:
    scale of velocity at the mouth (maximum, minimum; ebb and flood mean; during spring and neap tides);
    variation of the velocity scale (max, average) along the estuary;
    friction (Manning-Gauckler-Strickler coefficient, Chézy coefficient);

  • tidal wave characteristics:
    tidal period;
    harmonic constituents (M2 ...);
    phase lag (angle between high tide and high water slack, or angle between high water and maximum flood velocity);

  • salinity
    longitudinal salinity profiles;
    salinity observed a fixed locations as a function of time;
    salinity distribution over the cross-section.


This is a temporary page: we are sorry that more precise definitions are not presented.

A short handbook describing the parameters will be prepared soon.


Last update: 08/01/2009