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Existing databases


Some "estuarine databases" already exist, though most of them are more concerned with ecological problems. In particular:

Australia and New Zealand:

  • Australian Estuarine Database - AED
    The Australian Estuarine Database (AED) is derived from Bucher and Saenger’s - An Inventory of Australian Estuarine and Inshore Waters. The Bucher and Saenger inventory has been transferred from a Macintosh database format to Microsoft Access v.7.0. The database structure has been substantially modified, with the revision of some of the spatial data, and the inclusion of additional geographic and climatic data.
    See also: Digby et al. (1999), A Physical Classification of Australian Estuaries, National River Health Program - Project E1.

  • Australian Estuaries Database - CAMRIS
    [including the National Estuaries Study (Bucher and Saenger 1989)]
    See also: Bucher and Saenger (1991) An Inventory of Australian Estuaries and Enclosed Marine Waters: An Overview of Results, Australian Geographical Studies 29 (2) , 370–381 doi:10.1111/j.1467-8470.1991.tb00726.x

  • OZCoast and OzEstuaries - Australia's online coastal information portal

  • Simple Estuarine Response Model (SERM I and SERM II, Australia): datasets

  • Australia - Coastal Habitat Resources Information System (CHRIS)
    Queensland coastal fish habitat, fisheries resources and environmental datasets (layers) developed by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) and other agencies.

  • New Zealand - Estuaries database




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