Signal and image segmentation software
Alfonso Vitti
Università di Trento
Source code of two programs that implement numerically the Blake-Zisserman and Mumford-Shah variational models can be downloaded from this page. Introductory elements on the variational segmentation and details
on the numerical implementation of the variational models can be found here (my PhD thesis in pdf).

The software is released under the GNU General Public License

Signal segmentation   ::   Blake-Zisserman and Mumfor-Shah models in 1D   ::
CLI and C Library

sigseg program


Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3
Image segmentation   ::   Mumfor-Shah model in 2D   ::
GUI as a GRASS GIS module and C Library

r.seg GRASS GIS module
            Also available in the official GRASS AddOns source code repository via SVN:

       svn co

Manual [GRASS manual page format]

The GRASS GIS is needed to run this program. You can find GRASS here.
See the GRASS documentation on how to compile individual modules.

The library which actually computes the image segmentation does not need GRASS.
The library is shipped with the module source code.

Example 1 | Example 2

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